Thanksgiving 2013 Edition

Turkey Moo
Smart turkeys trying to stay around another year.

Since last year’s post, I’ve not forgotten the things and people who I am grateful for in my life.

In 2013, I am thankful for:

  • My daughter, who has had a very eventful year. I am so proud of all of her accomplishments this year. So much has happened for her in a very positive way. I cannot be thankful enough for her in my life.
  • My wife, who has shared several travels, watched me turn 50 and is patient with my odd sense of humor. Must be love.
  • My last job interview. Which went well and has given me renewed hope to leave the job I am no longer challenged by.
  • My iPad Air 128gb. Last year’s praise to my 3rd gen iPad has been given a serious upgrade. The iPad Air is amazing. Lighter, smaller and faster. And now to channel that into being more creative with this device in 2014.
  • Making it to 50. Yes, I am now 50 years old. It’s not so bad. I just need to make the most of my 50’s.
  • For travel, the one outlet where I can de-stress and enjoy time in a remote place. This year found me in Cabo San Lucas, Denver and this week being with family in Vancouver, WA.
  • My many online friends, Between Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, I am surrounded with many wonderful online content and their creators.
  • And finally, for every distracted moment in my life that forces me to keep moving forward in trying to make major impacts in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving To All. And to all a good amount of food, drink and peace.


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