Banal Leakage is a blog that covers pretty much everything that is going on in my life. Updated as I go throughout my week, it’s a blog that shares my thoughts, feelings, actions and opinions. It covers my interests, likes, dislikes and random rants.  It gives you a glimpse of what I see and come across each day.

Pretty much anything I care to write about and share with the collective mass known as the web will go into the entries of Banal Leakage. Very much like most blogs you read on the net, just a different place and written by me.

Why Banal Leakage?

I was trying to be clever and at the time I was writing down different domain names, and this one stuck. It had a certain flow to it (pun intended).

In an issue of Newsweek I was reading, there was one of those ads for another pharmaceutical “cure all” and one of the side effects listed was ‘anal leakage’ Other than on the Howard Stern show, that was a term I hadn’t heard before. So, pair that up with mindless chatter and listening to someone write about their day, the word ‘banal’ made its way into my thesaurus. Several legal-sized pages and two pen refills later, Banal Leakage was born. At some point, I’ll write up a post about the other names that didn’t make the cut. (and any plans I may or may not have for such also-ran names)

Who’s Writing This Banal Blather?

Marty Mankins. I could tell you all about me right now, but this link is a much better place to see the summary of my life so far.

The basics are: I’m a computer guy, but hate fixing them. I love writing, but never made much time in my life to write, with some exceptions here and there. I have a hard time saying no, which means I end up fixing computers and software issues more often than I would like to. People say I’m a nice guy and easy going, but there are some things that piss me off and puncture my thinning patience level. I am a Mac guy, but make my current living making Windows work for others. There’s a lot of things I like, but not too much I don’t like, although the older I get, the ‘don’t like’ list is growing. I will be nice to you, even if I don’t agree with you or your position, politically and religiously speaking. I’m trying to be good to the environment, but I can’t completely change my life in all ways to save that last gum wrapper that escapes out on my car on a windy day. I love to be creative, but don’t carve out enough time to bring my ideas to life. In general, I’m pretty vocal about how I feel, but smart enough to remain quiet when I need to. 

So that’s about it. I hope my writings are enjoyable to read. And mostly, I hope it makes you think. If you have something you’d like to share, leave a comment on a post or write me via the CONTACT page of this site (it’s the option next to ABOUT, which is where you are now).

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