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Congratulation to Penelope for her name choice. Scooter Sunday t-shirts and the dates of when the shirts will be going out to the winners will be announced soon, along with details on how to order your own shirt. [if you didn’t win] Thanks for your patience.

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One of my long time readers, Penelope, suggested last year before Scooter Sunday ended it’s first season, that we should have a naming contest for my scooter.

I got to thinking about this and wondered what kind of names people would come up with and would I want to have some dorky name attached to my scooter.

But then I decided that this would be a great idea, and that I would trust my readers to suggest some really cool and clever names that would make me proud to label my scooter.

Details and Rules

  • The contest starts today, Sunday April 19, 2009 and ends on Saturday May 9, 2009
  • You may submit up to three (3) names
  • Submissions are done via the comments section to this page
  • All of the suggested names will be placed up for vote on Sunday May 10, 2009. Readers will have one (1) week to vote for their top three (3) favorites. Voting ends on Saturday, May 16, 2009
  • Only one entry per person will be counted. You can stuff the ballot box all you want, but I’m only going to count your entry once. It is my judgement call on if I think you are trying to hack your way into submitting multiple entries
  • A panel of three (3) judges will pick their favorite name from the final three (3) names, voted on by the readers
  • Yes, I did add a lot of requirements and lengthy delays to this contest
  • If your name is picked as one of the final three (3), you will not be eligible to be a judge. Sorry, trying to keep it fair. But wait. If you are picked to be a judge, all is not lost. Go and check out the prizes details below


Much to my wife’s suggestion of not offering any prizes for this contest, I had to go against her wishes and offer at least something to giveaway here.

Scooter Sunday t-shirt
NOTE: Final t-shirt style and design subject to change

Those who submitted the final three (3) names suggested will win a Scooter Sunday t-shirt [which should be available in late May or early June]. Also, the judges will get a nice gift, too [most likely a Scooter Sunday t-shirt, unless there is something else they would like, at which point they will be given another option for their gift]. Yeah!

If more than one of your names you picked ends up as one of the final three (3), then you have a choice to either accept both prizes [which means you get 2 t-shirts] or you can choose to give away your second prize. I doubt all three (3) final names will come from one person. but if they do, then I would hope you would kind enough to give away the other 2 prizes so we have multiple winners. I know, that seems a but unfair, but hey, I want to see more than just one person walking around with a Scooter Sunday t-shirt.