End Of The World – Take 28

rapture scratch card
I think I should have had 3 of these scratched off by now

So according to another Christian group, the world will end tomorrow – Wednesday October 7th, 2015. They didn’t give us much warning.

And what about Jesus? When’s he showing up? For everything I remember growing up in an organized religion, there’s that “Second Coming” that’s supposed to happen. Is that before or after this “Annihilation”?

I’m so confused. So much to do. I need more bourbon [I knew I shouldn’t have drank that 3rd glass the other night] which means the liquor store shelves are going to be wiped clean. Oh that reminds me… I need wipes. Gotta stay clean.

Forgive me, I will be leaving work early today to go say goodbye to my kitties and LEGO collection.

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