The Last Days Of 40’s

last days of 40s
a birthday party thrown for me

This last Saturday night, my wife and family had a birthday party for me at my house. A good 30 guests came to help me celebrate.

First Drink of the Night

marty first drink
My first drink of the night – a Mojito

I was told that I couldn’t start drinking until the first guest arrived. Then it was time for me to be getting my drink on. I started with mojitos, which I made the batch of earlier in the day.


booze selection
The selection of booze for the party

I then switched to gin and tonics for most of the night. My step daughter played bartender and know that I liked my drinks strong [fill glass with ice, fill half way with gin, fill rest of the way with tonic water] and I continued drinking them all night.


hendricks gin
One of the alcohol gifts I received

I really was hoping no one would bring gifts, but they did. Mostly alcohol, like the wonderful bottle of Hendrick’s Gin one of my co-workers brought. I also ended up with a couple of bottles of Crown Royal Black and a bottle of Tanqueray, as well as a great selection of cards, a 50 Blow Pop tree, a bubble maker and a new golf towel.

Birthday Decorations

Birthday Balloons

The decorations included the standard black balloons, along with various “Happy 50th Birthday” signs and streamers.

Cornhole Boards

Signed Cornhole boards

My step daughter made these cool cornhole boards and had people sign them with Sharpies. Such an awesome idea that I loved.

Signed Cornhole boards

As you can see, some people resorted to calling me “Old Fart” which I guess is what 50 year olds are.

This Is The End

marty last shot
Me after many drinks

After more than 7 hours of drinking, eating, socializing and having a blast, I finished the night off with a shot of Jameson whiskey and passed out.

A great night and many thanks to those who celebrated with me. I had a lot of fun [not to mention, a lot of booze].


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