Music Monday: Thompson Twins “Into The Gap” Turns 40

Into The Gap
The 4th studio album by Thompson Twins, released on February 17, 1984

My love for this band started with “Lies” and “Love On Your Side” from their previous album “Side Kicks” and then the start of 1984 hit and “Hold Me Now” hit the airwaves. And it was magical.

Track Listing

  1. “Doctor! Doctor!”
  2. “You Take Me Up”
  3. “Day After Day”
  4. “Sister of Mercy”
  5. “No Peace for the Wicked”
  6. “The Gap”
  7. “Hold Me Now”
  8. “Storm on the Sea”
  9. “Who Can Stop the Rain”

Giant Hits

As the aforementioned first single from this album hit the alternative and pop radio stations, there would be others that would follow. “Doctor! Doctor!” and “You Take Me Up” became just as big. “The Gap” and it’s Egyptian-like sound was so good. This trio of musicians was the best, with Tom Bailey on lead vocals. “Sister Of Mercy” was also one of my favorites.

But it was the album ending “Who Can Stop The Rain” that became my all time favorite on this album. Yes, even over the hits, which I loved. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those songs. But after the previous 8 songs, the album closer just cinched it for me.

And even after 40 years, I still play this album on a regular basis. I will never tire of these songs.


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