TINTFA 2012 – 60 Day Update

And pretty much right on schedule, here’s the second of my monthly updates on my TINTFA progress for 2012.

  • Filming and editing videos
  • – No Scooter Sunday changes since the 30 day update. Snowy Sunday episodes are in the queue and I did some new filming the last couple of days [which technically was in March, so will update next month.].

  • Writing
  • – I missed the deadline for this upcoming issue of Thrice Fiction. I was 90% completed. It will make it to Thrice #5.

  • Screenwriting/Movie making
  • – Actually been working on a screenplay for a 15 min short film. The initial character list has been done. Will show this to my daughter and get more progress and feedback from her and tweak as needed.

  • Reading Books
  • – No progress here. Same stack, same spot on the desk they sit.

  • Exercise
  • – I have been to the gym three days a week for the last 6 weeks. I am enjoying my workouts. I had a poor workout this last week, but redeemed that with a very good one last night.

  • Golf
  • – Once April hits, planning on playing at least 15 games this year.

  • Blogging
  • – I posted 10 days in a row here on this blog, then took a 6 days break [fucking stupid day job, of which I am drafting a post that discusses in detail my growing frustration with that situation and how I’ve let it affect my personal life].

Making exercise progress is helping my positive mindset.

Another update on April 2nd (cause April 1st is my 5th blogiversary)

Thanks again to Kapgar for his consisten blog post updates.


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