TINTFA 2012 – 120 Day Update

And here’s a four month update on how I am doing with my TINTFA 2012 list.

  • Filming and editing videos
  • – While the 3 remaining episodes of Scooter Sunday Season 4 are still in an state of needing to be edited, I have mounted and been using my new GoPro HERO 2 camera that will be used to film Season 5. I have posted a raw test video over on scootersunday.com that I hope will be the beginning to a great season of scooter fun.

  • Writing
  • – The story is done for Thrice Fiction #5, but doing a fair number of edits and a few re-writes as I go through the story. Another week or so and I can submit it to RW.

    – Initial story outline for a new writing gig, which I will mention here once I get the green light. Not due until the end of July, I want to get it done, edited and submitted before the middle of July.

  • Screenwriting/Movie making
  • – No progress on the screenplay this last month. It sits in a state of defined non-active characters of a labeled rough draft.

  • Reading Books
  • – Another month of no progress here. Same stack, same spot on the desk they sit.

  • Exercise
  • – I am now at a total of 21 weeks* that I’ve been going to the gym with pretty much three visits a week. I’m down 4 lbs from when I started, yet looking at myself, I don’t see much gone from my chin and belly [which are my main focus areas]. Although a friend was over the other night and said I look like I’ve lost weight. So maybe a little bit has happened in the trimming department. I see myself everyday, so seeing any progress is not as noticeable.

  • Golf
  • – I have a text I need to send to several golf buddies now that we are at least hanging into the 70’s most days.

  • Blogging
  • – Posting is moderate, but lax both out here and on Chillywilly.org. Guess it’s time to get some more ideas for these places. I am working more on the design and initial implementation of a new blog – Adult Beverages. I’ve been tweeting more from the @adultbeverages account, just need to add a presentable web presence in the coming weeks and months.

Once again, my workout regimin has proved to be a consistent goal I am making progress in this year. I really need to start adding some of the other TINTFA goals into my day and schedule before much more time goes by.

Next update is on June 1st.

* my last exercise update mentioned 10 weeks in a row, which was incorrect as I’ve been every week since the first week of December. This update corrects the total.


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