TINTFA 2011 is coming

Anyone remember TINTFA? Here’s a reminder link.

I never did one for 2010, which may explain why 2010 was a scattered year of misfires for me.

Sure, I had a good year this year, but it wasn’t what I was shooting for. I had lots of plans, projects and all sorts of other things I wanted to do. Making videos on a weekly basis was one of them.

My current plan is to gather my list, check it at least twice [a day] then make a new plan to tackle the list without blame, regret and without letting other issues get in the way.

I will update with a real TINTFA 2011 list sometime after the first of the year and keep it around to see how I make progress throughout 2011. And blog my progress.

Surely, 2011 will be my year to finally break out of this nonsense.

Yes it will. And stop calling me Shirley.


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