Snowy Sunday #16

Finally, a new episode of Snowy Sunday, even if it is the next to last episode of this season.

Snowy Sunday Ep. 016 from Marty Mankins on Vimeo.

To YouTube or not…

I’ve just about given up on YouTube for my weekly videos. Not that I don’t want to provide another option in addition to the wonderful Vimeo quality videos. I know those that watch via their iPhones appreciate the YouTube version. But I’m pretty tired of wondering if the audio in my video is going to get cut or not. Granted, this week’s video uses a track from Alice In Chains, which is a Sony artist. And I think it’s been safe before. But it really is a crap shoot for the types of videos I create.

UPDATE: And we have success. A YouTube uploaded version of Snowy Sunday [which I didn’t have to alter]

Here’s the link: YouTube version of Snowy Sunday Ep. 016

The End of Snowy Sunday

Next week is the last episode of Snowy Sunday for the season. It’s going to be a compilation episode, looking back on all of the snow [and lack of snow] I filmed during the long winter.


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