Snowy Sunday #04

Here’s the “cool thing” I promised from the last two weeks. Reader Brandon from Down With Pants liked one of the scenes from the first episode of Snowy Sunday, so I thought I would find a creative way to incorporate something similar into this latest episode. Watch and comment.

Snowy Sunday Ep. 004 from Marty Mankins on Vimeo.

For the YouTube version, click on this link: Snowy Sunday Episode 004

Coming Soon….

I’m trying to do my best to find snow in a state that should have regular snowfall. Utah seems to be enjoying this high 40’s and low 50’s weather [and after I put the scooter away, too… although considering the windchill at 30mph makes it that much colder when riding, it’s less enjoyable].

As for future episodes, I’m planning to include other reader requests and suggestions [as well and being humorous, too…], so stay tuned each week.


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