Snowy Sunday #11

No snow or the promise of snow… the show must go on. All new this week.

Snowy Sunday Ep. 011 from Marty Mankins on Vimeo.



This week’s video is not available thanks to WMG (Warner Music Group) removing the audio from it [Read the details here in this CNET article]. This tends to happen with some record companies, as there have been a couple of videos I’ve done that have had copyright warnings. Oddly enough, the videos I’ve previously used songs from a couple of WMG artists [Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Halen] have so far been left untouched. Universal Music has been smart enough to leave the audio alone in my videos, adding a link in the details of the YouTube video page to purchase the song. Evidently, Warner Music Group isn’t that smart. I’m not surprised, given who runs WMG. So until Mr. Edgar Bronfman Jr. pulls his collective head from his greedy ass, I will not be uploading any YouTube videos that contain any music from Warner Music Group.

For a list of Warner Music Group artists, click on this link.

The Vimeo video above has not been affected and unless things change at Vimeo, I will continue to use that service for all of my weekly videos. If for some reason you cannot access Vimeo, let me know and I will provide another option for downloading and viewing this week’s episode of Snowy Sunday.

Thanks for your patience.


100 Posts Giveaway

For those that only come here for the videos, you may be missing out on other blog posts… like the giveaway I have going on. Last week, I reached 100 posts out here…. I know, pretty cool. So to celebrate, I’m giving away a few things. It’s easy to enter. Just go to this post, read the rules then leave a comment. Who knows.. you could be a winner.


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