Closing Down An Office

slc office closing
Empty office

On July 31, 2019, the TCS/ARI office located in Downtown Salt Lake City was closed down. I literally was the last one to turn the lights off.

The annoucement to close the office came in the form of an email from the director of HR the first of June. I was to manage all things in closing the office down, which included getting rid of office chairs, desks, bookshelves, a TV, a full-size refrigerator and various older servers and hardware. A storage unit was rented for items I kept at the office that we need for the data center we have here.

And at the end of July, I had done it. And this system admin masquerading as a office manager/liquidator wore me out. And all of this also doing my system admin duties. A lot of extra hours were spent, extra car trips taken, non-essential items thrown into the trash bin and countless extra cups of coffee and water bottle refills consumed.


slc office closing
TCS sign

I started at this company in Feb 2015, when the TCS division had been recently purchased by ARI Network Services. That sign hung outside the office we were in before about 4 blocks to the west. The move to this last office location happened in September 2017, giving the last few employees left about 22 months of time here.

So that has put me in a work from home situation full time, previously only working from home 2 days a week. I guess we shall see how it goes from here.


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