Monster Cereals 2021

monster cereals
Grocery Store Display

As a long time fan of eating Monster Cereals over the years, when there is a new one that comes out, I have to try it. Such was the case when I saw the Monster Mash in the grocery store.

monster cereals
Side By Side – the front of the boxes

Franken Berry is my all time favorite. I will always buy it each year it comes out. Which is what I did this year, along side a box of the Monster Mash.

monster cereals
Monster Mash – the back of the box

The box of the Monster Mash is pretty cool. All sorts of extra artwork they did to celebrate 50 years of Monster Cereals.

monster cereals
Monster Mash the spine of the box

And the side of the box has some history about Monster Cereals.

monster cereals
Monster Mash – in the bowl

So enough of the box. How was the mash up? I will say that I was impressed how they took all of the flavors and put them together without them tasking like some weird flavor mix. I am glad I tried this one.

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