Music Monday: Pixies 2018

pixies 2018
The Pixies and Weezer tour is making a stop in Utah on August 1, 2018

Excited to see this announcement. I’ve seen Weezer once back in 2008, which I didn’t blog about [this blog was around back then, too]. I’ve seen The Wombats a few years back.

And I’ve seen The Pixies live twice [once in 2004 with all 4 original members] and again in February of 2014 [which I did blog about here].

The Pixies put on a great show live and they’ve enjoyed a nice resurgence of their career the last 13 years. And Weezer with their most recent album “Pacfic Daydream” and a possible “Black Album” release before next year’s tour date, I’m excited to see them live again.

I got my tickets and now we wait until next August.


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