Music Monday: X96 Big Ass Show 2012

The stage and crowd during Grouplove’s set

And another year has come and gone for the annual X96 Big Ass Show, held in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. At last year’s Big Ass Show, it was freezing cold and the temps barely got above 55 degrees. This year, it was a nice 80 degrees and warm and made for shorts, music, beer and fun. My daughter went this year as well as her mom.

The Wombats – photo taken by Tiffany

This was my first time seeing The Wombats, who put on a killer show. I was in the crowd just on the other side of that arm up there in the photo. The crowd was way into this British group that had a nice pop/rock sound that was not just catchy, but also a good vibe.


Grouplove – photo taken by Tiffany

And just like last year, Grouplove played a set, only this time it was longer and since I had seen them earlier this year at a club, I was much more into them. Their set blew me away and they had played as many of their songs as they could, including a new one (who’s name escapes me).

Grouplove – photo taken by Tiffany

As I said above, this was my second time seeing them this year. I can’t say enough great things about this band. You really need to go find them on tour and make it a point to see them in any setting – large crowd or small club.

The band Grouplove at the artist signing table

While I didn’t get a chance to actually walk up to meet the band, I was able to get close enough to snap a photo of the band at the artist signing area.

Tyler, Elaine and Brandon of Neon Trees

And to close out the show, the band Neon Trees came out and gave the over 15,000 crowd just over an hour of music. They played all of their hits like “Animal” “Everybody Talks” and “1983”. My favorite song from their second album “Picture Show” is “Trust” and this song works so well both on the album and live in concert.

neon trees
Tyler leading the crowd in song

Tyler knows how to get the crowd going and the crowd responded as the light turned into the darkness.

While I didn’t care much to see The Used or Eve 6, I did really enjoy the rest of the bands and the show. Even the crowds, beer and food lines were reasonable. All in all, a great day of live music.


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