A Longer Than Normal Blogging Break

blogger break
Starting over after a break

I took an unplanned blogging break. The last time I posted a blog post [before the Music Monday post this past Monday] was on July 9th, which was my day 2 recap of my European vacation. I still plan on post dating days 10 thru 18 from July. And also a few other posts of catching up, mostly music related.

This Blog and Others

What prompted this blogging break? Part of it was my day job, where I was very focused on an office move which I spent a lot of time on after I got back from Europe in late July. The office move was completed on the first week of October.

Then making various efforts on resuming blogging, only to be met with some of my ongoing distractions. And now I try to get back into a forced schedule of blogging until it’s not forced anymore. My goal has always been to blog daily, which I’ve used Kapgar and Dave2 as mentors.

Part of this blogging break was also not reading blog posts from others as often as I did before the break. I will resume that by going back to through those posts and leaving comments.


My podcasts have been met with an even longer break, last time posting a new episode in April. I am working on resuming episodes with NO catch up. Starting fresh with current topics. Possibly this coming Sunday, but I am more focused on resuming blogging at this point.

Scooter Sunday

And then we have the longest break of my blogging with Scooter Sunday. The scooter turned 10 years old in April and I finally recognized that anniversary this past week. Of course I miss filming Scooter Sunday episodes and I have some episodes that have been mostly filmed, they just need to be edited and posted.


Starting things back up is never easy for me, but know that it’s always something that I never intend to fall into a schedule of delay. I like this blog and I like blogging.


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