Time For Change

Notice something different here?

I’ve updated my theme. The one I had before was pretty good and it was clean and had a nice look to it, but it was trouble whenever I changed some things around. I had to resolve that, especially if I wanted to move to WordPress 2.7.1 anytime soon. [I’m still at 2.6.5 for a couple more weeks]

Gone is the ad in the upper right part of the header. Also gone are the colors. Gray and black may seem bland, but I decided that the cleaner, sleeker look would be much easier on the eyes. And my eyes are not getting any better these days.

Also, the Blogroll is now on it’s own page. Something about better page results for SEO.

In time, I’m also going to go back to my older posts and take some of the extra formatting that the previous theme needed to display properly. Things like extra line breaks and odd paragraph formatting will be a lot smoother.

I’m also still working on some graphics and other enhancements to this site, which this new theme should be easier to configure for the future.

So hit me up in the comments with any feedback, problems, issues or praise.


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