That’s Not How I Roll Anymore

Notice anything different? I didn’t think so. Let me break it to you gently.

I’ve removed my Blogroll page. I know.. shocking.

Actually, it shouldn’t be shocking. The popularity and usefulness of the blogroll on people’s blogs has been waning for some time now. I’ve noticed a lot fewer blogrolls out on the blogs I visit and read.

Sure, it was a way to say, “hey, I like these blogs.. check them out.” But I got to wondering something. If I wasn’t looking at the blogrolls on other’s blogs, then how many people were looking at mine? If you do, let me know, but I’ll take a guess [and using my page results from Woopra and Google, it’s not a page that gets hit that often] that it’s just not needed anymore.

If you miss it, then maybe I can do a post every so often where I mention blogs I visit.

And of course, if there’s a blog I like, I’ll add it to my feed reader and visit, read and comment.

So long Blogroll. You served your purpose back in the day.


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