Opposing SOPA


On Wednesday January 18, 2012, this site will be participating in the protest of the proposed SOPA bill – Stop Online Piracy Act. It, along with PIPA, are bills in the House and Senate that are designed to stop online piracy by way of changing certain parts of how the internet works. Yes, recently Rep. Lamar Smith-TX announced they are removing the DNS blocking portion of the bill. But even with all of the other provisions that remain, this bill is not the best option for stopping the illegal download of movies, music and media and intellectual property of artists and copyright owners.

There are other ways and methods of reducing piracy including the supporting of increasing legal options of obtaining media. And while there are legal methods today like Amazon and iTunes, the MPAA and RIAA have not fully embraced new media and spend more money litigating than they do promoting.


You will see the following graphic on my site tomorrow. DO NOT BE ALARMED!! MY SITE DIDN’T GET SEIZED FOR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY!!. All will be back to normal on Thursday.

a sample notice of a site that is seized
Original image found at Anondora.org

If you want to join in, feel free. Be creative or be simple. If these bills are passed, changes that are out of your hands could happen. Stop SOPA and Stop PIPA.


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