Music Monday: Metallica – 25 years and counting

25 years old

Back on August 12th, Metallica’s “Black Album” turned 25 years old. I blogged about it and my introduction to the album here almost 5 years ago. Nothing has changed from that review/reflection. The album is still played often here.

Actually, one thing has changed from that review. I finally sat down a couple years ago and listened to “Ride The Lightning” from start to finish about a dozen times. And a few dozen more since then. The entire album is great, but the two tracks that stand out are “Fade To Black” and “Creeping Death” And there’s been a couple live streams that I’ve heard in the last year where those two songs performed live have really cemented their place as favorites.

New Song, New Album

“Hardwired” official video

This last week, Metallica released a new song called “Hardwired” and announced a new album called “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” which will be out November 18, 2016. It’s a double album with almost 80 minutes of new music spread across 12 tracks.

I’ve listened to this new song a good 20 times so far and it gets better with each listen. And this last Saturday, they performed it live for the first time. Below is the YouTube video.

“Hardwired” live for the first time

Pretty awesome!!! That stage, that sound, the pure energy of James Hetfield’s chorus shout of “We’re so fucked… shit outta luck” is masterful. Can’t wait for the full album in a few months.


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