Music Monday: Rush “Clockwork Angels”

clockwork angels
Clockwork Angels, the new album by Rush

It’s been about five years since the last Rush album “Snakes & Arrows” was released. I liked the album, but it wasn’t one that stuck around in my playlists for too long. This new album “Clockwork Angels” will stay around for a while. Progressive, innovative and a nice addition of some of the classic sounds from years ago, this new album by the Canadian trio gets high marks from this fan.

Track Listing

  1. “Caravan”
  2. “BU2B”
  3. “Clockwork Angels”
  4. “The Anarchist”
  5. “Carnies”
  6. “Halo Effect”
  7. “Seven Cities of Gold”
  8. “The Wreckers”
  9. “Headlong Flight”
  10. “BU2B2”
  11. “Wish Them Well”
  12. “The Garden”

The album is a concept album and one that grows on you really quickly. The song “BU2B” and “Caravan” have been kicking around for a good two years now and have had been played both on the radio and live in concert many times over. They hold strong still in their official studio releases, adding to the two month old “Headlong Flight” which reminds me a lot of the “Permanent Waves” era sound. Most of the tracks are long, which for Rush, is a no brainer to listen to. They are not drawn out nor do they drone on endlessly.

I really like this new album and forgive the band for taking so long to deliver it.

As for the meaning of the album art, the Wiki page for this album gave thought to the clock being 9:12, which is Neil’s birthday or the fact that military time for 9:12 is also 21:12.

Anyone get this album yet? What do you think of it? Tell me below in the comments.


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