7-Eleven Day 2016

7-11 day
The free Slurpee for 2016 – Cherry and Birthday Cake, in a 12 oz cup

It’s that time of year [or at least it was a week ago Monday] for 7-Eleven Day, which happened Monday July 11th. And in a dual celebration, it’s also the 50th anniversary of the Slurpee.

7-11 day
Free Slurpee available from 11am to 7pm

I took a drive over to one of the many 7-Eleven markets that are near my home and got me a Cherry/Birthday Cake Slurpee. This year, they were serving them in the small 12 oz cups instead of the smaller but aptly named 7.11 oz cups.

7-11 day
me drinking the Slurpee

I almost always get a Cherry with some other flavor. The flavor combo of Cherry and Birthday Cake was actually really good.

Hope you got your Slurpee this year. See you back here in 2017.

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