7-Eleven Day 2013

7-eleven slurpee day
2013 Free Slupree Day

As what happens on every July 11th, this year’s Slurpee Day is proving to be just as magical. Previous years have seen me all excited for this day.

Slurpee Dance


While I didn’t do the Slurpee Dance, I did enjoy the above video.

This Year’s Cup

Pina Colada and Cherry… for free.

The cup is much larger than last year’s, checking in at 12 oz of Slupree goodness.

I mixed a pina colada and cherry, which are two flavors that taste great together.

Cup Comparison

cup comparison
On the LEFT: 2013 cup. On the RIGHT: 2012 cup

Last year’s cup was 7.11 oz, which did nothing more than celebrate the name of the store these frozen sugar beverages are served at.


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