7-Eleven Day 2015

7-11 day 2015
Another year older for this convenience store chain, another free Slurpee to celebrate

Another July 11th, it’s time to make that mad dash to your local 7-Eleven and grab a free Slurpee.

You did make it this year, right?

Labeled Cup

7-11 day 2015
A special labeled cup for this year

Previous years, the cup you got was dated and smaller. Last year, the cup was bigger, but no special label to designate the day. I guess they read my blog post from last year as I was pleasantly surprised to see a special labeled cup for this year Free Slurpee Day event.

Took My Honey

7-11 day 2015
My wife and I with our Slurpees

This year, 7-Eleven Day fell on a Saturday, which means my wife was able to join me. From that smile in the photo, I think she is more excited than I am for the Slurpee.

And now, we wait for next year. Happy Birthday, 7-Eleven.

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