Episode #074 – It’s The End of May As We Know It


Sepp Blatter

News – Story 1 Ireland makes marriage equality legal from popular vote:
News – Story 2 David Letterman signs off one last time as late night host:
News – Story 3 FIFA Soccer Scandal; seven officials arrested, including FIFA head Sepp Blatter:

  • RANT: Corded Headphones always get tangled up
  • – I still use a couple of iPod nanos, one 5th gen and one 7th gen; the 5th gen gets used in the car and on my walks from the parking lot at work to the office, which is far enough for a couple of songs; the 7th gen mostly sits on my night stand and I fall asleep listing to podcasts (not this one, of course); I use a regular set of Apple EarPods for both iPods, which offers all sorts of a tangled mess when trying to remove a backpack after arriving at the office, or laying in bed and waking up in the middle of the night with the headphone cord tangled around my neck; frustrating to say the least; the headphones are not perfect, but I like the functionality of them, like being able to pause the song and turn up the volume right from the headphone cord; I would love to get some wireless headphones that have the same fucntionality with the iPhone; my search is on.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Bluetooth headphones are nice and tangle free
  • – I’m on my second set of bluetooth headphones, looking for a pair that doesn’t cost a lot yet provides a good level of functionality that corded or wired headphones provide; and ones that fit well without being uncomfortable in my ears; the true promise of cutting the cord for listening to music and making hands-free phone calls comes with a stereo bluetooth headset; this last pair has been mostly hassle free; every once in a while I have to turn the bluetooth off then on again to get them to connect, but that’s not too hard of work around to not having to deal with a wire that gets caught when taking my backpack off; charging takes a few hours every few days for about 6 hours of listening enjoyment; the pair I want is $200; the pair I use now is the best $15 I spent for cord free listening.

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    News Links

  • Ireland becomes first country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote
  • Highlights From David Letterman’s Last ‘Late Show’
  • FIFA rocked by arrests on corruption charges
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