Episode #079 – Hearing The Music



News – Story 1: AC/DC recruits Axl Rose as lead singer for remaining tour dates
News – Story 2: Prince dead at age 57
News – Story 3: Utah movie theater faces fines for showing “Deadpool” while patrons drink alcohol

  • RANT:
  • – not sure how many of you use your smart phone for listening to music, but I do and have since I started working downtown and always having my phone with me; I bring headphones and will play songs that I’ve locally synced to the phone; or more recently, stream from Spotify and Google Play Music app; but each time I get email or a text message or some other alerts, it interrupts the song I’m listening to by lowering the volume for a couple of seconds; this happens multiple times a day since I get a lot of alerts; I’ve tried searching for ways to disable the alerting while music is playing, but I have not found any solutions; if a phone call comes in, at least the song pauses while I take the call; once I am done, music plays again; pretty cool, but still an interruption; since I normally listen to music and podcasts with my iPod nano 7th gen, I never dealt with this; but I figure I have this iPhone and would like to use the data plan I have (i get 30gb a month), music is one of the things I can listen to; plus for Christmas, I got a pair of Beats wireless bluetooth headphones, which are really nice; but each time I get a text alert (most likely from a server alert), it’s a bit on the annoying side to have the song I was enjoying interrupted; guess that’s how things are with a device as connected as a smart phone.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Listening to music on an iPod doesn’t involve interruptions
  • – I’ve carried some sort of iPod to listen to music over the years but more recently, as I discussed in my rant this week, I’ve been using my iPhone more often for music to reduce the number of gadgets and electronics I carry with me; nothing but a low battery or the pressing of the pause button will stop the music on an iPod; Plus, the iPod battery life is a lot longer than my iPhone’s; so with the iPhone, I do get access to all of the streaming music services, which is a plus over the iPod; searching for new songs, older songs has been nice to have without much effort at all; I’ve not gotten used to being without my iPod lately, even with the free 3 months I’ve had Apple Music on my iPhone; it’s easy to sync music directly to my iPod via iTunes, which I do keep a lot of local music for that purpose; space wise, the 16gb I have on my 5th gen iPod nano keeps a lot of songs I normally listen to often; I’ve thought about replacing it with an iPod touch, but if I enable messaging, I will get interrupted alerts on that device; so the iPod sticks around.

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    News Links

  • AC/DC Confirm Axl Rose Is New Lead Singer, Joining Band on Tour
  • Prince Dies at 57
  • Brewvies asks for restraining order against Utah over showing ‘Deadpool’
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