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News – Story 1: FBI paid Geek Squad employee to find child porn on customers computers
News – Story 2: The elderly, poor and black having trouble getting Photo ID to vote
News – Story 3: Outrage of transgender use of bathrooms echoes racial segregation

  • RANT: LDS Church just doesn’t want to show any support to gay people
  • – last November, the LDS church (officially known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) issued a new policy that treats legally married same-sex couples as apostates and barring their children from participating in any church rites such as baptism or being ordained to the Aronic Priesthood until they reach the age of 18; these children must also renounce their parents participation in a gay relationship – legal as it may be – in their support of the church’s new policy; this smacks as a family dividing wedge that pits the children against their parents, showing total allegiance and support to the LDS church; the idea that a church based on family and love can exclude any member who is in a legal marriage and on top of that, treat their children with a level of exclusion, makes me angry; it also makes me glad that I left this church 20 years ago (i’m still counted as a member on their official records); it’s like they are doubling down on the exclusion here; as we all know, LDS church spent a lot of money and effort to pass Prop 8 in California, which eventually was overturned; so this new policy is nothing new, just surprising after efforts to work with Utah laws to protect LGBT workers and renters against discrimination; I doubt the church cares about the backlash from this and will just resolve itself to let those who abhor this policy to leave the church; then its members that believe without question will remain steadfast to this new rule, excluding those who are now labeled apostates; shameful.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Tyler Glenn expresses his angst against the LDS church
  • – The lead singer of the pop band Neon Trees has has it with the LDS church and their policy change regarding those who are Mormon and gay; as my rant talks about above, Tyler’s final levels of support are now gone; and in their place is angst, anger and rebuttals to the years of support he tried to give the church; his response is a video called “Trash” which is effectively his solo debut; his band is not breaking up, just taking a break for now; Tyler’s focus is on his anger of how the church he grew up in, treats the gay members with disrespect; the images in the video of Joseph Smith and his altered face are Tyler’s way to expressing his disgust with this new policy change in the LDS church; I support Tyler’s anger and how he’s chosen to express himself; perhaps this is how others should express themselves as well, against a church who is choosing who to embrace and care about.

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  • Geek Squad employee allegedly searched PCs for the FBI
  • Getting a photo ID so you can vote is easy. Unless you’re poor, black, Latino or elderly
  • Panic About Transgender People In Bathrooms Echoes Logic On Racial Segregation
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