Episode #090 – A New Beginning



News – Story 1: Trump becomes 45th US President
News – Story 2: Amazon forced to charge tax in Utah, even with no physical business presence here
News – Story 3: Women’s March had over 3 million people nationwide and worldwide

  • RANT: Average people on social media telling actors and celebrities they shouldn’t speak about anything political
  • – you see it all over social media; a celebrity like Brent Spiner or Will Wheaton talk about something political; then on that same tweet of Facebook post, there are hundreds that show up to tell them “stick to acting” or “We don’t want our actors talking politics”; of course, the irony comes to mind that we now have a celebrity for a President; but all ironies aside, what gives these average people the audacity to tell a US tax paying actor or musician to stick to their profession; I’m guessing it’s a one sided rule here as I don’t see anyone telling Scott Baio or Jon Voight to “stay out of the political talk and opinions”; regardless, it’s something that irritates me; any one of us teachers or system admins or retail workers are just fine to talk politics on social media; why not a bigger voice like a celebrity to help get a particular message or position out there.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Went to what is most likely my last CES for a few years
  • – I’ve been going to CES since 1992; I took a break from 2002 till I returned in 2011; I spent a week in Las Vegas, going to the trade show 3 of the 4 days; I love seeing what’s new in gadgets and TVs and cameras and drones and it’s fun to get a few bits of swag or enjoy a few open bar parties; but I think it’s time to take another break for a few years; I am going to move my focus on NAB, which is all video and audio production trade show in Vegas each April; the weather tends to be warmer and my main interest in video production is more fit for that trade show.

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    News Links

  • NBC: Donald Trump becomes 45th President of the United States
  • SLTrib.com: Utahns buy a mystery from Amazon
  • Women’s March

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