Zero Monster

Monster Zero
Monster Zero

While I’ve mostly sworn off soda for the last four years, I do enjoy the rare indulgence of a Monster Energy drink. I normally only drink the original Green, which is the full sugar, full carb and full calorie version. But lately, I’ve been a bit more health conscious in the food consumption. So I decided to try this version, dubbed Monster Absolutely Zero.

Not being a fan of anything diet, including carbonated beverages, I was a bit apprehensive. But a few sips and gulps into this 16oz can and it wasn’t bad. It was noticeably different the the Green Monster for sure. But not so much that I was going to start making faces and spitting this shit out.

I recommend at least trying it if you are fan of energy drinks but want to reduce sugar and calories.

As a safety measure, I bought a can of the Green Monster just in case I hated this sugar-free version. It’s waiting for me next week when I need a boost at work.


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