An Open Letter To Jack White

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Hey there Mr. White… oh wait, that’s already reserved for a movie character.

Can I call you Jack? Ok. Listen, Jack… this solo career you’ve got going on here. It’s all nice that you are trying to be creative and shit. And your venture into keeping vinyl alive and well for music purists is pretty cool.

But let’s get real here. You’ve gone off the rails lately. Making negative comments towards a band you appear to believe stole your sound is the latest. Dissing other musicians, including your previous partner in the band that made you famous and well-known, isn’t cool.

And speaking of that band — that brings me to the point of this open letter.

Bring back The White Stripes!

Not for the long haul. Just one last tour. One last album. One last send off.

Yes, we all know about the one aborted tour for the “Get Behind Me Satan” albums, when Meg went through some stage fright issues. Or at least that was the report.

And I get that you are promoting your new album “Lazaretto”, which stirring up the press with statements can put your name out there more.

But seriously Jack, your solo career can take a breather. Reissue the back catalog of the White Stripes music. Even if you have zero interest in creating new music with Meg, find an album’s worth of unreleased songs. Put it out there. Hell, put it on 180 gram vinyl, too. See what kind of interest is out there. My guess is that it’s a lot.

If I’m wrong and people don’t care about the White Stripes anymore, you can search the web or this blog for negative shit about me. Feel free to put me in my place to the public. But if I’m right and us fans miss that band of raw sound and simplicity, then leave a comment below offering your best apology.

I’m listening and waiting…






Signed… a White Stripes fan that wants a comeback

– Marty


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