SSD Swap

crucial m4
The current SSD in my MacBook Pro 15″ late 2008 model

Almost two years ago, I upgraded the hard drive in my current MacBook Pro 15″ late 2008 model from a 500gb SATA to a 256gb SSD. I researched all sorts models and decided on the Crucial M4 brand. It literally was plug and play – no trim settings to make or anything. The total replacement time [not including reinstalling OSX and my apps] was under 20 mins. This included removing the DVD Superdrive and moving my 500gb SATA drive in its place, using a custom made tray for this purpose.

Space Is Tight

Since then, I’ve had to manage my space on a regular basis, as I watch it shrink to just above 20gb free. This included me moving just about every extra piece of data off to the 500gb SATA drive. So it’s still on my MacBook Pro, just not taking up space on the SSD.

I started counting all of the time I waste managing space and that I will most likely be using this MacBook Pro for at least the next year and made the decision to double my SSD space. I purchased a Crucial m500 480gb SSD from Amazon. For $220, I felt it was a good deal. If my MacBook Pro was newer, I would have went with the 960gb SSD, which added another $240 to the cost. And even though I’m sure I would love to have even more space available, the cost factor was just not worth it to me for this almost 5 year old laptop.

Having almost a terabyte of space on this MacBook Pro [between two drives] will be nice, given I use it a good 12 hours a day. Now I can take that time I was using to worry about low space and use it being more productive.


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