Oreo Birthday Cake

oreo birthday cake
Another wonderful Oreo creation – this time, it’s birthday cake

Over the years, I’ve sampled different flavored Oreos. Thanks to my friend Julie from Texas, I learned about the Birthday Cake flavor, but neither of us could find them in the stores a few months ago. Bummed, I wanted to find a package since I like Oreos. So imagine my elation when I was at the store the other day and found them on the shelf. They have made their limited return, and ready for me to consume.

oreo birthday cake
sprinkle-filled filling

Opening the package, the familiar row of chocolate wafer cookies appears. But instead of the solid white center, this variant cream-filled center is a artificially-flavored mixture that makes it taste like a birthday cake – complete with sprinkles. This has to be good… right?

oreo birthday cake
pried open Orem reveals creme-filled birthday cake-flavored goodness

It actually was good. Not “OMG!” good, but tasty good. If these stuck around on a more permanent basis, I might buy them instead of the regular Oreos, just to mix it up a bit.

If you want to try these, I suggest you head to your local grocery store and find a package before they disappear off store shelves again.


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