Doritos Tapatío

Hot Sauce and Doritos

As a long time Doritos fan, I’m always going down the chip aisle at the grocery store. Not that long ago, I found the original Taco Flavor had returned, which I loved and still do. This last store visit, I found a new flavor – Doritos Tapatío – yes, that Tapatío the hot sauce you put on eggs and just about everything else.

Damn, that’s a lot of seasoning

The chips are the same size as all the other Doritos flavors, but heavily coated with a red flavoring that is obviously laced with much Tapatío [assuming it’s not just something that’s imitating that Tapatío taste]. I hadn’t seen this much seasoning heaped onto a chip since Doritos made the Four Cheese flavor.

The taste is good, but the hot kick is what happens a good 30 seconds after eating your first chip. The hot burn keeps going if you stop after one chip. And everyone knows you can’t eat just one. So you keep eating…. and the burn gets stronger with each additional chip consumed.

That’s just from one chip.

Then I look at my fingers and they are red in color. The above photo is my fingers after just one chip. After a good 20 or 30 chips, I could turn anything I touch into a red hue. And while I prefer Tabasco green over Tapatío when spicing up my eggs, on a chip, this was actually pretty flavorful.

Did I like them? I did, but the burn was a bit much after a while, but yet I couldn’t stop eating them. Not a problem… I endured the continued burn. But I admit that I probably won’t be buying them again as I prefer the other flavors and want to enjoy a nice taste without feeling like my mouth is burnt to a crisp.


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