298 Gone

Original image found at Daily Star

Yesterday, we lost 298 people as a missile struck a commercial airliner over Ukraine.

The sadness around this is just unfathomable to comprehend.

Remembering the lives lost is something we as humanity do all too often. Innocent lives that were caught in a war zone and airspace that “belonged” to someone else.

And while our best hope at this point is for less violence, the entire world, including the United States, seems to be increasing in creating more violent-friendly environments.

I plead with everyone… Please stop this constant battle of who’s important enough to take out a person, a building or a plane – innocent lives – just to prove your fucking selfish point. You are no more important than anyone else. You are part of humanity. Start acting like it. Step away from behind the missile. Put down that firearm. Lower your fist. Toss away the taser gun. We all deserve better.

And for those of you that instantly went to that place of placing blame on a misspoken word at this time of tragedy, your hate and disgust means nothing when lives are lost. Also, glad to know you’ve always uttered the perfect sentence in a time of crisis or tragedy. And that no previous world leaders you supported ever misspoke during a tragic event. Pause your hypocrisy for a brief moment.

Because, at the end of the day, we are all human.

And that’s what matters. Humanity.