TINTFA 2012 – 90 Day Update

We are a day early, but here’s my 90 day update for TINTFA 2012.

  • Filming and editing videos
  • – No Scooter Sunday changes since the 60 day update – still same Season 4 vids in the edit queue… except I did some new filming with my new GoPro Hero 2 camera two weeks ago, which should work out nicely for Scooter Sunday Season 5 (which starts in mid to late May). I was testing the different resolutions of the GoPro and trying to find a good option that works format wise.

  • Writing
  • – On target to have my story done for Thrice Fiction #5 at the end of April – self edited and submitted to RW. Let’s hope he has room for it and that he likes it.

  • Screenwriting/Movie making
  • – Not much progress on the screenplay, but the idea is looked at often and what I have written down is a very nice draft.

  • Reading Books
  • – No progress here. Same stack, same spot on the desk they sit.

  • Exercise
  • – I am now 10 weeks in a row at the gym with pretty much three visits a week. Haven’t lost any weight, but keeping at the same weight now for the last 8 weeks. I am at the point where the treadmill is more of a run than a fast walk. Stamina is up and I feel like I am making progress.

  • Golf
  • – Went and hit my first bucket of balls today. It’s a start.

  • Blogging
  • – Posting away out here, but have been lax out on Chillywilly.org.

The exercise is my main and most consistent progress for the year. This is very positive and my workouts are enjoyable. Lots of obstacles in my life that make efforts to get in the way of my gym visits, but I am getting past them.

Small correction from last TINTFA update: it is not my 5th blogiversary, it is my 4th (which is tomorrow). I was a year ahead of myself there.

Another update on May 1st


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