Workout: Getting a Nike+ FuelBand

nike fuelband
Purchased today… arriving in two weeks

I just purchased a Nike+ FuelBand, which should arrive in two weeks (or less, I hope).

These have been in high demand and I am really curious to expand my exercises with other tools to track my progress, see what I’ve worked off and having it all upload somewhere as totals and data.

iPod nano 6G with Nike+

ipod nano 6g nike
Original photo found at Tech Source

Since I started back at the gym last December, I’ve been using my iPod nano as a pedometer to track my steps and treadmill activity. I also use it at work since I walk around the office many times a day [one of the main positive things about what I currently do at my job]. It’s built-in accelerometer Nike+ app [no sensor needed, although one can be used with this iPod] makes it easy to just turn it on, put it into the pocket and go about my day.

Mobile apps


I’m also looking at two apps to further track my working out progress, adding the ability to enter what I eat to see what else I can do to stay fit. LoseIt! and MyFitnessPal are the two apps that look good so far. Both are free and both have a large database of food items and their calorie, fat and nutritional details.

I will detail in another post here soon where I am at in my workout regimin and what progress I’ve made. And of course a full review of the Nike+Fuel Band will appear once I’ve had it a while and how I’ve integrated it into my workouts.


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