A Tale of Two Gyms

Retired gym ID tags

As of October 17th, I no longer belong to a gym. In fact, for a month – from August 20th to September 20th – I belonged to TWO gyms.

Whoa, hold on there a second…. TWO gyms? How did I manage that? Well, not very well. In that same time frame, I visited the gym 10 times – that’s total visits to BOTH gyms. And then two times from September 21st to October 17th during my remaining days at Planet Fitness.

I must admit that the other gym – Crossroads Fitness – it was a Groupon I bought for $18 and it included two training sessions, which I still have my notes on what core exercises I was shown and told how to do. I liked it, but again, due to my distractions [and a week long trip to Florida for work] my visits were limited. I even had access to the workout equipment at my hotel and didn’t use it. There you go.

So why did I quit my gym membership(s)? My track record for going was dismal and I needed more than just the payment to go. Again, this is part of a bigger issue I am battling and have been, which I will blog about here shortly in a longer post that explains a lot of where I’ve been the last 54 months.

Until then, the one positive is that I’ve maintained my weight at 172 lbs this entire time. I am amazed at myself for this.


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