Random Leakage #14

Has it been almost a year since I randomly posted about random things? Well shit. Let’s fix that, BL style.

Searching For a Clean Screen

MacBook Pro screen
this thing gets dirty and smudged often

I use my 2009 MacBook Pro a lot. It’s my main computer and it gets taken with me all over the place. So it sees a lot of use. The screen tends to get smudged a lot, with the occasional splash from my gin and tonic. So keeping it clean is a regular chore.

I’ve carried with me several soft cloths to clean my electronics and I’ve found that none of these actually work on the screen. After one use, the screen is even smudgier than it was before it got various splashes on it. My solution? Take a wet Bounty Basic paper towel [any decent non-generic brand will do], wring it out in the sink and then clean the screen. Let it dry. It comes clean without hardly any effort. The same wet paper towel can be used to clean the case, too.

Filet O’ Fish

Filet O' FIsh
These things are barely worth a buck

One of our local McDonald’s recently underwent a remodel job. And all of the locations that are owned by the same franchisee are celebrating all month long with 99 cent deals. Friday nights are Filet O’ Fish.

These tasty evil treats are 380 calories, have a puny bun and an even punier patty of fish. Let’s just say I’m glad the deal expires at the end of the month. But until then, it’s Fish Friday around these here parts.

Happy Meme

dog shit hallway
I’m only happy cause it’s pretty damn funny.. and true

Who doesn’t love a good meme? I mean, I’ve done a few of them out here over the years. But some weeks back, I saw the above photo on the web and I fucking laughed my ass off.

Of course, I’m glad this was the first thing I thought of when I went to walk down the hallway of my own house and ran into some dropped nuggets that my cats had left behind.

I tried to picture the kitties smiling as big as the one of the above dog, but it just wasn’t popping into my head. Just the picture of getting several tissues so I could clean this shit up and finally sit down to rest.


And that wraps up some random madness for you. Maybe I can post another one of these before another year passes.


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