11 Random Meme

I swiped this from Kim’s blog, even if I didn’t follow the rules of how this works. It made me think of some really random things about me that most people here probably didn’t know.

  1. My mom had me when she was 40 years old
  2. – my family would know this, but even for the times I’ve talked about my mom here, I don’t believe I’ve shared this here on the blog. There were some complications (breach), but for the medical advances that were around in 1963, I’m sure this one was common.

  3. I took Ritalin as a child
  4. – for some reason when I was about 9, my teacher thought I was hyperactive. This was reported to my mom, who as a single parent, took it to an extreme level and put me into counseling. At the time (early 70’s), Ritalin was a common thing for psychologists to prescribe for activities they were not all that familiar with. This lasted for a good three years before I finally got tired of taking it.

  5. My first car was a 1974 Honda Civic
  6. honda civic
    The above photo is not of the actual car I owned. Mine was a creme color. I didn’t have it very long – maybe about 6 months or so. My memories of driving this car are fading as the year’s pass. Unlike my memories of my second car, which was a 1972 Toyota Corolla wagon that had a huge dent on the side [I wish I had taken more photos in my early 20’s].

  7. The first computer I owned was an Atari 800
  8. atari 800
    – Yes, with two cartridge slots and 48k of RAM, this was the top of the line back in the day [I won’t tell you what year this was, but I’ll let you guess]. I owned it for a good five years, even after I got my first PC. I wrote BASIC programs and played several games on it.

  9. I was called “McFly” when the Back To The Future movie first came out
  10. – I was proud to have this nickname. Even if people would use it often, to be associated with someone like Michael J. Fox was pretty cool in 1985.

  11. The first CD I bought was U2’s “The Unforgettable Fire”
  12. u2 unforgettable fire
    – the year was 1988. I had just bought my first CD player. There was a local record store in Orem, UT called Crandall Records. Albums and cassettes will still big, but CDs were starting to make huge inroads into the hands of music fans. As a fan of the band, I thought it was appropriate to get my favorite album of theirs on CD. I still have this CD today and will never part with it.

  13. Several of my randoms here are “firsts”
  14. – no particular reason other than they are random facts about me. See how I did that there? I now only have to worry about coming up with 10 of these.

  15. My first short film I did was shown at a film festival

  16. – the film is only 1 minute long, which was a requirement for the 2007 Treo Film Festival. But it was based off something that actually happened to me. The film festival was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood in October of that year. A good 500 people were at this event and for 60 seconds, I saw something my daughter and I created on a big screen. To this day, it’s one of the things I am most proud to have done, even though my skills in filming and editing have improved greatly.

  17. I grew up a couple of miles from Disneyland
  18. disneyland sign
    – Until I moved from California to Utah in late 1987, I never lived more than 2 miles away from Disneyland. My mom use to take me often when I was little. As a teen, I would go with my friends. And my first wife worked there when we first started dating. I would hear the train sound most days and fireworks at 9:30pm each night provided long lasting memories of growing up near The Happiest Place On Earth.

  19. My favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts
  20. brussel sprouts
    Original image found at The Daily Green
    – Believe it or not, I really do love these. steamed and cooked for 30 mins, then served with butter, they are so, so good.

  21. I went to Gambler’s Anonymous for playing video games
  22. pac-man
    Original image found at AtariAge
    – At the age of 17, along with my mom in tow, I stood up along side some people with serious gambling problems to announce that it had been 12 days since I last played Pac-man. I shit you not, this really did happen. The meetings were held at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA and I was the lone person who wasn’t dropping $100 bills on the blackjack table or other card and casino games. My addiction to the quater-eating mavens wasn’t really an addiction at all, as after 10 or so meetings, it was suggested that we find another option for saving me the $10 a week I spent at the arcade. To say that I was embarrassed at being forced to do this, is an understatement. I look back now and glad I didn’t do this with my daughter over her Pokemon “addiction”.

11 Questions From Kim

Ok.. ok… I’ll at least answer Kim’s questions she posed over on her blog post. Go to her site to see the questions.

  1. To be a writer/published author and filmmaker/screenwriter
  2. Maine in 1999. I toyed with going all the way up to Nova Scotia, but ran out of time.
  3. Yes.
  4. Shrimp scampi and pan-seared scallops. And Fettucine Alfredo if it’s made right.
  5. Depends on the news, but normally my wife.
  6. Computer problems. See this blog post and why I loathe it.
  7. Lately, MySQL questions. I try to keep them down to just a few times a month.
  8. Because I like to read other people’s writings and the curious nature of why others blog like me.
  9. Probably my wife. Maybe a few others. Mostly though, myself.
  10. Yes.
  11. The conspiracy that surrounds the JFK assassination. I did a history report on it many years ago in college and I was highly fascinated by how many different versions of the story are out there.

Ok, now comment away. Or steal this meme for your own blog. I say make up your own rules as you see fit.


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