20 thoughts on “Random Leakage #13

  • Kevin Spencer

    I’m not a huge fan of having to sign up for yet-another-account just so I can leave a comment on someone’s blog. I went to leave a comment on someone’s livejournal the other day but I needed to have an account so I bailed.

    • martymankins Post author

      I do the same, even though I’ve found that more blogs are using Discus and I needed to sign up for that. But most other places, I use my own details or go through the painful Google steps.

  • Avitable

    I have that happen with Google about once a month, where I have to log in before it will remember me, but then I don’t have an issue.

    I just built a new computer with Windows 7 64-bit, and I’m loving it. Such an improvement!

    • martymankins Post author

      I run into it more often, but hope that it will improve. I can live with once a month.

      I’m learning how Windows 7 works and while there are some quirks, I’m finding it’s pretty good.

  • delmer

    I’ve had the same problem with Blogspot. It gets old quick.

    We have a couple of 64-bit Win7 computers. I spent hours and hours trying to sort out why they were reporting random Office 2007 files as locked. At first I thought it was a Netware Client problem (as many folks in the Novell forums were having the same problem). Then I found it was also a problem on Microsoft networks and was able to reproduce the problem on one of our Microsoft servers — a registry tweak fixed it for a while… and then I installed our AV product and it returned. I’m running the boxes without AV until I’m certain it is part of the problem.

    Our 32-bit Win7 installs are mostly OK — except for the two that continually lose the desktop shortcuts.

    As a wise man once said, “Such is the life in the IT world.”

  • Ren

    I have an XP VM on my MacBook that I use for Quicken. I’ve started using MoneyWell instead, but keep Quicken for history (I gave up on importing years of data) and investments.

    I have an XP VM on my Linux laptop at work that I use for vSphere. I’m highly annoyed that there’s no vSphere for Linux.

    I have XP on a system at home that my kids use, mostly for web browsing or word processing. This was actually the system that my MacBook Pro ostensibly replaced nearly three years ago. I was reminded of this when I started talking about replacing it with an iMac (“You already replaced that system!”). Even so, I plan to “replace” it with a Mac of one sort or another this year. At this point, I’m waiting for the iMac updates.

    • martymankins Post author

      I have an XP VM and a Win7 VM on my MacBook Pro. I switched from Quicken on the Mac to iBank, which has worked pretty well.

      Didn’t realize there was no vSphere for Linux. You would think with VMware being built on a Linux kernel, there would be a client.

      As for the WinXP system, the Mac mini has proved to be a very decent candidate.

  • Dave2

    Well… if forced to use Windows, I’d rather have 7 than use the complete vortex of suck that was Windows Vista. I am STILL pissed that I had to pay MORE money to Microsoft get 7 when the entire OS should have been a free upgrade for Windows Vista sufferers. That being said, I still find Windows to be a less productive work environment compared to my Mac. I absolutely dread it every time I’m forced to boot it up.

    • martymankins Post author

      I’ve been working with some form of Windows for over 25 years now and I still dread some parts of having to work with it. Windows 7, while being frustrating to learn where things are now, is not bad.

  • Megan

    I’ve had the same issue with Blogger. It makes me insane. Why can’t you just log in and put the captcha in at the same time? It makes no sense.

    Cinammon gummy bears? I had no idea they even existed. What kind do you usually buy?

    • martymankins Post author

      I know, I thought the same thing after losing countless numbers of comments, having to remember what I wrote and retype. It’s why I use the preview until I see the publish option with my comment intact.

      The brand we get is a generic store brand (Western Family) and they are pretty good.

  • Iron Fist

    The Blogger commenting system has been complete crap just about forever. Back in the day I remember a lot of people with Blogger blogs using Haloscan to manage their comments, but then I think that company folded and took years of people’s comments with it.

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