Random Leakage #9

Aloha, leak-age…. aloha leak-age

Nothing like a post of random subjects before I head out on vacation for the next 9 days [8 of those in Hawaii]

O’ReilLY, Rush

Sorry Rush fans, not the band, but the mouth-breathing entertainer of the right.

Seems he’s some sort of hero with the Republican party. Well, Jon Stewart from The Daily Show summarizes Rush’s latest public spectacle at the CPAC and takes to task Bill O’Reilly on using his own words against himself.

Favorite line from Jon Stewart about Rush: “… who believes so strongly in the sanctity of marriage, he’s completed three of them… start to finish!”

CORRECTED:Thanks to Ginger at Ginger Snaps for first posting this and for me finding it over at Clearly Crystal. this made me laugh so much, I wanted this on my blog, too.

Oh yes, I know… you don’t have to tell me that Democrats have had their own slew of faux pas moments. So here’s a link for all of you that are so focused on getting Obama removed from office. Enjoy!


Reading Material

While I’m not the best at reading books from other people or writing my own novels, I am excited when someone I know gets published. Winter, a.k.a. Lex Valentine, has had not one, but TWO books released today.

Shifting Winds

Shifting Winds
To Purchase, click on the graphic above

Hot Water

Hot Water
To Purchase, click on the graphic above

Or if you want both books [you know you do, they are part of a series], just purchase the Bundle Pack and get both for a bit cheaper than the price of two individually.

Both books are e-books and come in different formats like PDF, eReader (Palm OS), Microsoft Reader and HTML.

I am taking these with me on the plane to read. I hope to at least get through the first novella. My hat goes off to Winter for her dedication in writing. I hope to someday be announcing my own works being published. But for now, the spotlight is on her. Congrats, Winter.


And I’m Off

And with that, I’m off on a flight tomorrow at noon, bound for Hawaii. Once again, I’ve got guest bloggers coming to make this place exciting. Here’s the schedule once more:


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