Browser A-Z 8

First Earl did it. Then Ren did it. AND THEN Adam did it. AND THEN there was Kapgar. AND THEN just yesterday, LeSombre did it. Now I dood it. From A to Z, here’s the regular sites I visit.

  • A – Amazon/Apple (a toss up)
  • B – Banal Leakage (duh – you are here)
  • C – (my other blog)
  • D –
  • E – Engadget
  • F –
  • G – Google Reader
  • H – Hollywood Reporter
  • I – IMDB
  • J – (work related)
  • K – (local news affiliate)
  • L – Large Hearted Boy
  • M – Mac Rumors
  • N – Netflix
  • O – (older versions are needed sometimes)
  • P – Posterous (just got bought by Twitter, so this may go away here soon)
  • Q – This would have been Qwikster, but Netflix pulled their head out of their ass
  • R – Renagerie
  • S – Starbucks
  • T – Techmeme
  • U – UStream
  • V – The Verge
  • W – Windows Live (sorry, you need to blog more)
  • X – XCritic News (adult stuff, ya know!)
  • Y – Yahoo!
  • Z – Zazzle (one of these days, I will finally get my t-shirts available)

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