Banana Twinkies – 2014

banana twinkies
Banana Twinkies – The 2014 version

Back in 2011, I found a box of Banana Twinkies and tried them and really liked them. Years before, it was rare you could find these flavored Twinkies in stores for a limited time. So of course when I find them, I buy them.

So earlier this summer, I found them in the stores. Of course this is a product of the new Hostess, which botched up the Cherry Pie, but got the Ding Dong right. Let’s see how they did on this new Twinkie.

banana twinkies
Cellophane packaged

Packaging wise, there’s nothing special here. Just the standard cellophane wrapping, which let’s you peek at the product and see that it’s got the creme filling.

banana twinkies
The injected spots of cream filling

And speaking of creme filling, the standard 3 spots where it’s injected into the snack cake is very well evident.

banana twinkies
Bite into the Twinkie

The cake was moist and the banana flavoring was good, but seemed a bit sweeter than I remember from the last batch I tried. Overall, not a bad snack cake. But too much sweetness for me to be eating these on a regular basis.

My verdict is that these were good. Since I bought these, they have come out with a slightly different Banana Creme Twinkie. I will probably end up buying them, but I need to reduce my sugar intake here with Halloween coming up in the next 2 weeks.


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