Travel Words and Thoughts

I’m currently on the road, visiting the Redwoods in California. Another post will have photos and other details of my trip, but for now, these are my random thoughts on traveling.

  • Not all “Free Wifi” is necessarily a good thing, regardless of the idea of being “Free”
  • There are roads that say it’s 132 miles to your destination, but going 65 miles an hour and getting there in 2 hours may not be possible.
  • Lunch may consist of a snack-size piece of cheese and a Vitamin Water.
  • Deciding to take tons of photos on a digital camera is a good thing, even if I know that a good half of the photos may be out of focus, contain the wrong subject I was after or can’t remember where it was I took the photo.
  • In line with the last thought, I’ve learned that it’s very useful to take a photo of the sign related to the photos that are taken soon after.
  • Face wash, face scrub or just water splashed on your face makes you feel a hundred times more refreshed afterwards.
  • Sometimes bad coffee is not bad.
  • Scratch the above. It’s good to have a lot of Starbucks available.
  • Nothing beats a nice bed to get a good night’s rest, even when it’s only $60/night.
  • Most hotels that are $60/night don’t have nice beds.
  • The 12 hours it takes to reach your destination is all worth it when you have 15 minutes to take in the beauty of nature.


Ok, I lied. There was one photo on this post. Lots more later.


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