New Flavor, meet Trusted Brand

I like certain kinds of treats and candy, but I also get curious about trying out new flavors of existing candy. Over the course of the last couple of months, I’ve found some new twists on old brands and decided to try them out. I rate each one, how I liked it and if I will be purchasing them in the future, assuming they don’t get discontinued.

Reese’s Peanut Butter and Banana Creme cups
Reese's Peanut Butter & Banana cups
“No thank you… no Thank you very much”

I have been eating Reese’s since I was a kid. Love them. They are easy to eat and assuming it’s not 106 degrees outside, they are not that messy. The last few years, there’s been a few variations on the tried and true peanut butter cup, like white chocolate and Reese’s Pieces [which I love just as much] . But this flavor caught my eye at the store and I had to take a look. It’s Elvis endorsed… they had to be good, right?
Wrong. They are horrible. Peanut butter with banana flavor and way too sweet was not a good mix. Maybe Elvis collectors would want the package for collecting [or store it in their freezer for decades for a future eBay sale].
Rating – .5 [out of a possible 5]
Will I Buy These Again? Fuck no. I’m sticking to the original flavor I know and like.

Chocolate Skittles
Chocolate Skittles
All of the flavors found in the kitchen, in candy form

I first heard of these from Dave over at Blogography. Based on how cool he thought they were, I made the leap and bought a couple of packages. Damn. These are good. Very good. Much better than I was expecting. Artificial flavors sometimes have a way of not being anywhere near what product they claim to taste like. The candy creators at Skittles have turned what their taste buds know into something great. As with Dave, my favorite ended up being the chocolate pudding. Pudding… how can you go wrong with that?
Rating – 5 [out of a possible 5]
Will I Buy These Again? Hell yes. You bet I will. A nice treat that’s not messy and very tasty.

Mint Crisp M&Ms
Mint Crisp M&Ms
Did Indy discover small chocolate candies in his search of artifacts?

Crispy M&Ms have been around for a while, until they disappeared from the market over a year ago. I like them and my daughter likes them even more than I do. So when these Mint Crisp Indiana Jones-themed candies made their way to stores a month ago, I wanted to try them. That is, if I could find them. Seems that hoards of people loved the Crispy M&Ms (and Indy, too) that they were hard to find anywhere. Fortunately, my daughter found a store that had a few bags, and she gave one of them to me.
These were very good. Nice minty taste and that crispy texture makes them easy to eat.
Rating – 4.5 [out of a possible 5]
Will I Buy These Again? If they stick around and get easier to find, I will get some bags and have them around.

Strawberry Milkshake Cream Oreos
Strawberry Milkshake Oreos
“I EAT YOUR MILKSHAKE…. flavored Oreos”

My favorite Oreo is the Double Stuf. It was double the white creamy filling that I used to scrape off each side of the chocolate wafers as a kid that got me hooked. I’ve not really tried any of the other Oreos in the last few years, but got curious last week when I found these. I normally like all things cherry flavored, but there are some strawberry-flavored products I will consume [Strawberry Quik – the milk, not this version – is one].
These were not all that bad. They had an odd aftertaste, which is normally associated with Sugar-free products, but after checking the label to make I was getting the real deal, I decided it was probably the artificial flavoring that was the culprit.
Rating – 4 [out of a possible 5]
Will I Buy These Again? Maybe. I’d still prefer the Double Stuf Oreos over these.


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