Doritos Locos Tacos

locos tacos nacho cheese
Locos Tacos Nacho Cheese

So what better way to follow up an actual Locos Taco with a Doritos branded chip of the same flavors. My recent review of the actual tacos got me excited to try the actual chips.

locos tacos cool ranch
Locos Tacos Cool Ranch

There are two separate bags. One is Nacho Cheese based, the other is Cool Ranch based. The bags are easy to tell apart and are color-matched to their respective original flavor.


locos tacos chips
Locos Tacos Cool Ranch

There are two different kinds of chips in each bag. One is the original flavor, so for the Nacho Cheese bag, there are actual Nacho Cheese Doritos in the bag. The other type of chip contains a mixture of seasonings that taste like a taco. Meaning the taco meat, sour cream, salsa, tomato and lettuce. Yes, each of these seasonings combined does a decent job of replicating the taste of a taco. I was quite surprised at how well it reminded me of eating a taco.

locos tacos chips
Locos Tacos Chips Nacho Cheese (top chip)

The first few bites of each chip was pretty good. I alternated between the Nacho Cheese and taco-seasoned chip to get the full effect. While I prefer the real ingredients, this chip-based delivery of taco flavor made for a tasty experience.

locos tacos chips
Locos Tacos Chips Cool Ranch (right chip)

The Cool Ranch mixture was less effective when I did the alternating chip consumption. I do like Cool Ranch on their own, but mixed with the taco flavored chips, it seemed to not be so good. Not bad or horrible, but the taste was very much toned down. It could very well be that the Nacho Cheese flavor has more of a taste grab than the Cool Ranch, at least when it comes to migrating the taco taste placed on a chip.


These chips are in limited supply, so if you want to try them for yourself, go grab a couple of the bags and taste the experience. If you’ve already tried these, how did you like them? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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