Oreo Cookie Dough

oreo cookie dough
The latest Oreo flavor – Cookie Dough

I love Oreos. And I love different flavors of Oreos, as has been evidenced on this blog many times.

During the Grammy broadcast, Oreo had a commercial that showed two new flavors of Oreos: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy. And for those that tweeted the hashtag #sendmeoreo, Nabisco sent them an full-size package of one of the new flavors. I got Cookie Dough. Which means that I will need to seek out the Marshmallow Crispy flavor when it hits grocery stores.

A Flavor Marriage

oreo cookie dough
The filling between two cookies

The structure of the cookie is no different than the many other flavors have been over the last 10 years. The inside creamy center is light brown in color with little bits of chocolate chips.

Pull Apart

oreo cookie dough
Exposed Creamy Cookie Dough

Pulling apart the cookie, as Oreo lovers do, we see more of the light brown and chocolate mixture that make up the cookie dough goodness.

But what matters here is taste. I tossed an entire cookie in my mouth and began to savor the taste. This is good. The taste is so good. A nice mixture of chocolate and cookie dough. Well, not real cookie dough but a pretty tasty facsimile to the real thing.

I normally don’t eat more than 2-3 Oreos in a single sitting [self control on this is not easy] so Oreos tend to last a while, even though over the years, they pack less cookies into a retail package. Regardless, I enjoy them as long as I can.

Who else has tried these? What do you think of the flavor?

Did anyone get the Marshmallow Crispy flavor as a freebie?


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