Music Monday: My Favorite Song by Elton John

Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding by Elton John

So many songs that Elton John has written, recorded and performed and I need to pick one as my favorite. While this was a no brainer for me, I do admit that there were several contenders that could have easily been a favorite. But “Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” ended up at the top.


The song opens the 1973 album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and the quiet start leads into this 11 minute opus and goes into full band with a big sound and grand production. The song is actually two separate songs – each with their own publishing and copyright – but given how well they are played together, it’s always been one song with the dual title.

The two times I’ve seen Elton John in concert, this song was the opener each time. The first time I saw him in September 2006, I had barely sat down in my seat and the start to the song remains as one of my best concert memories ever.

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