Music Monday: Jane’s Addiction “Nothing’s Shocking” Turns 35

Nothings shocking
THe debut album by Jane’s Addiction turns 35

Such a powerful debut album by an up and coming band that would blueprint the alternative hard rock scene. I first heard this album soon after it came out on August 23, 1988. The album cover was shocking enough but the sound this band made was incredible. 11 songs of madness, hard hitting guitar and the eclectic vocals would burn into each and every eardrum who cared to listen to it.

Tracking Listing

  1. “Up the Beach:
  2. “Ocean Size”
  3. “Had a Dad” 3:44
  4. “Ted, Just Admit It…”
  5. “Standing in the Shower… Thinking”
  6. “Summertime Rolls”
  7. “Mountain Song”
  8. “Idiots Rule”
  9. “Jane Says”
  10. “Thank You Boys”
  11. “Pigs in Zen”

The Sound That Changed Alternative

How many times have I heard this album over the years? Easily over 50. And that is an under estimate. Dave Navarro is one of my all time favorite guitarists and it all started with this album. I have seen Jane’s in concert only a couple of times but there is nothing like hearing “Jane Says” or “Mountain Song” to know what brilliant music these four were creating at the time that would end up being classics that radio played over and over.

And the vocals of Perry Farrell to bleed into the ears of us fans that would take us into the next generation of alternative music. I can never listen to this album too many times and to celebrate it turning 35 is a legendary place of music history.


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